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Virgin Australia Fashion Film Awards

‘Soi: Homecoming’
Installation & Performance

Melbourne Fashion Week
Graduate Designer

‘And I Strongly Suggest You Wear Sensible Shoes’ Curator & Exhibitor

‘Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show’ Exhibitor

Madeleine uses a multidisciplinary approach to formulate ideas around Fashion motifs often utilising collaborative practice for a rounded perspective in the field of interest. Focussing with intention to create dialogue around the interaction between body and cloth in both performative and static states. Situating her practice outside the traditional fashion setting, Madeleine has created a series of films and curated exhibitions revolving around the subject matter of the body and its role in the Fashion System. Studying the relationship between the object of dress and its relationship to the body, Madeleine uses a conceptual and theoretical framework to develop visual representations from philosophical and sociological research practitioners. Her work aims to create statements, often up to the viewers interpretation on the subject of material culture and patterns of behaviour. Generating work through these relationships pushes the boundaries of ‘what fashion is’ and how it is interpreted, communicated and disseminated. Consistently drawing her work back to the self, Madeleine uses her interest in materials and behaviour to discuss the interactions, reactions, emotions and changeability of the individual. Interested in contextualising the body without a temporal or spacial structure to explore transgressions of material cultures.