Acting The Fool, 2018

A method of propaganda;

Revealing the wearing out and loss of important signifiers through mimicry of original methodologies and meanings.

With reference to the stripe, the collection is a representation of aspects of overtly masculine traits using the pinstripe, and the circus stripe.

The dressed body is always situated within a particular context which often sets constraints to what it is, and what it is not, appropriate to wear
The performance of masculine traits is demonstrated through power, strength and agility. The character of the circus performer was adopted to depict a mockery of these traits at their adverse use and commonality in masculinity, creating a setting of discomfort for the viewer at the costume like pieces. The strongman in traditional circus performances was used to adopt a fitted and highly athletic element to some pieces. A darkness in character was adopted through studying hyper masculinity, an element of hysteria can be seen, in reference to punk and its protest of norm. A blend of conforming and non conforming, uniform and non uniform can be seen.

“Man, has no clear idea of what he wants; his times are erratic; his tastes ephemeral.” 
The exaggeration of the stereotype to a point of caricature.

Photographed by Hector Clark