Nude In Dress, 2017

To be seen without clothing is tied to a predetermined code of the social onto the body. “A notion of the pre-existing authority of the norm, or the rules of a cohesive community over the individual body.” Clothing — A mark of colonisation, an anchorage to society. Clothing — so different from flesh, came to be conceived of either inessential tappings, a gaudy show; a protective and deceptive cloak, required to hide a wretched lapse from the original state, considered shame.

Inscriptions of the social take their place on the body, not upon it. A neat causal relationship between an object and its transcription, manifests globally into personal isolation.

Nakedness ‘lies in a fragile susceptibility of corruptness of seeming weak, ugly or ridiculous.’ To be naked is to be oneself. Constantly accompanied by our own naked image, taught — persuaded, to continually survey.  The isolation of exposure, a constructed phenomenon.

To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet, not recognised for oneself. A shift towards object. Manifesting in an indulgent gaze, objectifying. A narcissistic view on the body, transforming the flesh into a dressed form. Nudity a commodity of the social, determined by a gaze, surveyed.

The relationship between body and social are not at alterity to one another; the social manifests constitutionally in the perception of the body. The body, an accretion of matter, an uncomfortable dress; common to all, accepted by none.

Produced & Directed by Madeleine Porritt and Lucas Haynes
Assistant Producer Bella Brown
Crew: Andrew Kose, Lucas Haynes & Kalu Oji
Ellen Louise Ryan with
Supporting Cast:
Bella Brown, Nick Fleming, Steph Miles, Ruby Redman-Brown, Jyoee Hughes and Miette Lewin
Sound: Lucas Haynes, Madeleine Porritt & Nick Fleming
Costume: Madeleine Porritt
Make-up: Ruby Redman-Brown
Choreography: Bella Brown & Madeleine Porritt
Edited by: Lucas Haynes